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What Gets Us Excited?

We share a common vision, a belief that keeps us in the office, personifying the tireless pursuit to Managing Patients Different … without question todays healthcare ecosystem remains rampant with inefficiency.  We are a family, who as a team encompass the traits critical to the success of any business salespeople, visionary leaders, & passionate entrepreneurs.  However, the cornerstone responsible for the derivation of Cguros is one of emotion, one centered around bringing transparency, & sustainability to the healthcare ecosystem.

Innovation is key and Cguros’ reputation in the healthcare space begins with the departure from the norm. Our underlying goal is to make healthcare increasingly accessible.  We approach the industry & any traditional constraints from a virgin mindset untethered by the self imposed limits that most see.


Why Pre-certification is Essential?

In essence, Cguros provides a status (i.e. approved, or denied) correlating to the insurance company’s willingness to cover a procedure the members’ provider orders.  Cguros is able to provide significant cost savings as well as increased revenue for healthcare facilities varying in size from a traditional primary care single physician offices to large 500+ bed facilities.

Cguros leverages the opportunity created as a result of the bi-partisan congressional movement towards the digitizing of healthcare records.  A very real hole was highlighted for our team, with interest in the healthcare industry, coupled with market demand for a dynamic pre-certification tool to put a stop to the fiscal bleeding facilities nationwide experience as they forgo billions of dollars in revenue annually.

In turn impacting each and every one of us in the form of increased healthcare cost.  Cguros suite of software applications reduces denials and assures healthcare professionals they will receive additional referrals, plus efficiently collect on performed procedures.  Between Stratus, the PRN, or Comeleon we have a fully integratable, dynamic commercial grade solution for every client, regardless of size of specialty.

Insurance providers continually push to operate around a conservative model, & many have started to adopt new policies.  More than ever, today’s healthcare facilities need to be kept informed as to the coordination of benefits limits for every patient. In bringing fiscal knowledge to healthcare facilities, hospitals are able to get back to serving the community rather than being overrun by bad debt.

patient network referral software solution precertification
  • Links patients, insurance providers, & healthcare facilities in a single location – improving communication & transparency in ordering medical procedures.
  • Cguros cloud works simultaneously & seamlessly to coordinate with procedure scheduling in place
  • Instant adoption – cloud based (SAAS) platform
  • Decreased patient wait times – in turn increasing patient satisfaction
  • Cguros builds a legal electronic medical order, in real-time, a paper trail is documented and saved to the EMR in place
  • All patient information securely and constantly backed-up to the Cguros cloud
  • Abandon routine office tasks – allowing healthcare staff to focus on medical issues
  • Eliminates liability for the hospital – decreased denied or delayed claims payments
  • Streamlined pre-admission & precertification process- saving time & money
Why Choose Cguros As Your Precertification Vendor?
  • Intuitive Dashboard – instant adoption, full use of the platform without formal training
  • Low Cost – manages internal liability, pre-certifications outsourced for a fraction of competitor cost
  • Improves patient care – records always kept on hand – immediately saved to the Cguros cloud
  • Cguros team push software updates over the cloud – assuring the best cutting edge technology available
  • All patient information is sent through a safe and HIPAA compliant platform
  • Performs medical necessity check (LMRP/LCD)
  • Cguros can be spliced seamlessly into any EMR importing all patient information at clients request
  • Capable of a “Full Integration” with LDAP- increasing user experience
  • Cguros is fully scalable due to the cloud bases SAAS platform
  • High client retention rate, value increases with each additional facilities in a given geographical area – trickle up & down effect through our patient referral network.
Benefits Of Cguros Cloud Suite
  • Provide web-based software conducting pre-certification regardless of patients insurance provider.
  • Cguros Pre-Certification decreases lost revenue while increasing the collection rate for performed procedures.
  • Our Cloud technology improves communication between payers, providers and facilities.
  • Pre-certification & verification request can now be conducted in a fraction of the time (approx. 1 min vs. the traditional 20-30 min)
  • Eliminate claim denials & lost revenue using Cguros cloud solutions
  • With Cguros Healthcare staff is able to increase time spent taking care of patients; dramatically improving overall patient satisfaction
  • Detailed tracking and reports allow you to better understand your practice and manage patient data
  • Increased efficiency in moving patients from primary care to specialty facilities with Cguros’ Patient Referral Network
  • Proprietary cloud based software works efficiently with all EMR platforms in the event your EMR does not support Cguros please have them Contact Us
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