Why Pre-Cert Patients?

  • Eliminates Liability – Decreased Denied Or Delayed Claims Payments
  • Build A Legal Electronic Medical Order, In Real-Time, Fully Documented
  • Streamlined Pre-Admission Process- Saving Time & Money
  • Control Bad Debt Plaguing Today\\\’s Healthcare Facilities
  • Reclaim Time Spent Managing Outbound Orders, Requesting Pre-certifications, Scheduling Patients, & Attaining Supporting Documentation
  • Improves Patient Care – Records Always Kept On Hand – Immediately Saved To The Cloud
  • Stratus Enables Cost Transparency For Patient & Provider

Why Choose Stratus?

  • Collaborate In Real Time With Any Other Provider, Share Order Notes, Or Procedure Results
  • Abandon Routine Office Tasks – Allowing Healthcare Staff To Focus On Medical Issues
  • PHI Sent Through A Safe, HIPAA Compliant Platform
  • Low Cost – Manages Internal Liability, Outsource Precerts For A Fraction Of Competitor Cost
  • Intuitive Dashboard makes Instant Adoption a reality, Full Use Of The Platform Without Formal Training
  • Splice Seamlessly Into Any EMR Importing All PHI At Client Request
  • Fully Scalable – Cloud Based SAAS Platform
  • Cryptographic Protection of Messages
  • Software Security Patch Management
  • Network Segmentation
  • Real Time Monitoring 24/7
  • Filtering Routers
  • Multiple Firewalls In Place
  • Service Redundancy
  • Data Center Redundancy
  • Power Redundancy & Fail over
  • Facilities Access
  • Stratus data centers always remain HIPAA compliant for physical security
  • Microsoft operations staff, manages, monitors, & administers Stratus servers
  • Protected from power failure, pysical intrusion, and network outages
  • Network of global data centers run 24×7 continually backed up
  • Geographically Dispersed
  • Cguros recognizes design defines the user experience, design is so much more than how something appears, its the way something works on so many levels. Cguros secret to successful design begins by obtaining a full, in depth understanding of user workflow, coupled with extensive planning from conception
  • You see, design pre defines so much of the final experience, we believe there’s a profound, ever present beauty in simplicity, we strive to provide clarity through our applications, ultimately attaining efficiency means each users excited to login.
  • To be successful in delivering a truly intuitive user experience, achieving the absence of clutter and ornamentation, becomes an admirable milestone. But to terminate our efforts there would be to fall short, simplicity is about bringing order to complexity.
  • Our intuitive dashboard, and tile based platform achieves our goal of construction a harmonious ecosystem between each elements within the application and every user
  • New England Journal of Medicine article found 28% of ordering physicians and 43% of receiving physicians were dissatisfied with the quality of the information they received from the other 17% of patients reported that their test or medical records were not available when they had an appointment
  • Journal of General Internal Medicine Found of 228 primary care physicians submitting electronic referrals to San Francisco General Hospital 80.9% of participants felt electronic orders had improved clinical care 53.9% of participants reported electronic orders had improved overall wait times for sub-specialty appointments 59.4% felt that access to sub-specialists for non-urgent patient care issues improved
  • Health Affairs quantified the cost of a “Clean Order” – practices spent $68,274 on average per physician per year interacting with payers Primary care practices spent $64,859 annually per physician Nearly one-third of the income, plus benefits, of the typical primary care physician Resulting in cost estimated at $31B annually absorbed by physician practices interacting with health plans
  • New England Journal of Medicine Found in 49% of current day referrals the receiving physician was given no information and in 55% of referrals the ordering physician got no information back from the receiving physician
  • An Advisory Board study found 54% of denials involve pre-certification errors, failure to properly authorize care costs the average 350-bed hospital $1.4M annually & the average 550-bed hospital $5.9M
  • Healthcare Staff Searches for Patient Record
  • Staff Enters In CPT & ICD With Doctor Notes Creating Legal Order
  • Referral Made To Facility Responsible For Conducting Procedure
  • Stratus Pre-certs Patient For CPT & Provides Insurance Info
  • Text & Email Alerts Remind Patients To Make Appointments A Priority
    • Facilities Control Bad Debt
    • Patients Experience a Streamlined Experience Encouraging Repeat Visits
    • Staff Is Able to Focus On Patient Care Rather Than Avoidable Office Tasks
    • All Patient Health Information Stored In Real Time To A HIPAA Compliant Secure Platform
    • Facilities are able to communicate all inclusive, accurate procedure orders or referrals in real time
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