So Much More Than A Patient Referral Software Solution; We Fetch Patient Pre-certifications & Full Declaration Of Patient Benefits In Real Time.  Normalizing Medical Order Exchange, Regardless Of Aux Tech – Stratus Is The Ideal Community Health Exchange Platform.



Stratus recognizes the backbone of any healthcare facility is patient care, dynamic software technologies are valuable, but only when the facility is able to communicate expectations with patients.  Stratus decreases the number of no-show appointments, ultimately promoting transparency in patient communication while simultaneously padding the bottom line. Stratus empowers facility administrators to select the frequency, and content of text and/or email notifications to patients.  By opting into our communication portal patients are notified on their mobile devices of the time and location for their next appointment.

Claims denials concern everyone, from healthcare administrators focused on the bottom line, to individual patients interested in accurate cost expectations.  It’s critical as a healthcare facility to remain aware of the bad debt plaguing your practice. Stratus enables facilities to mitigate extraneous debt by communicating inclusive patient profiles coupled with accurate pre-certified medical order.  Stratus promotes clarity, rather than relying on a clearing house to pick up the pieces.



physician patient referral & Pre-certification



Stratus has been designed to act as smart software, much like your smartphone learns phrases you use frequently type Stratus works in the background to learn patient profile information.  Electronically Protected Health Information (ePHI) is always encrypted, stored in a manner exceeding HIPAA guidelines. The only fields required to submit a pre-certification request are procedure specific information such as CPT code, ICD code, along with any order notes or documents on behalf of the referring physician promoting speed & simplicity. The team at Cguros works diligently to make an impact, we believe if we’re able to elevate the user experience, then we’ll be successful in eliminating much of the extraneous data entry around building and communicating orders.



Stratus recognizes that healthcare providers time is invaluable, we have designed our entire cloud based suite of pre-certification solutions to be intuitive, requiring no formal training, focused on enabling staff the bandwidth to direct their attention on providing superior care.  Often it can take healthcare staff 30+ minutes to call in a pre-certifications, only to add to the demands logistic wise by then being forced to fax patient records to the referral facility. As so many providers experience it can be incredibly difficult to remain educated of post procedure results, many times these workflow processes are plagued by human error along the journey. However, with Stratus in place, were able to normalize the referral process, in seconds users are empowered to complete and collaborate around an accurate order.




Stratus is designed to be a wholealistic solution, one that mirrors providers current day natural workflow. We make a it a priority to study how patients are referred between providers nationwide, but our efforts don’t stop there, our goal is to elevate patient care. We believe one of the cornerstones in that process is communication between providers and payers alike. Stratus encourages providers to communicate all orders as accurately as possible initially, but also to stay in touch post referral, keeping the door open to exchange things like post procedure results. In normalizing the processes at hand we’re able to keep the smaller details from falling though the cracks.



The ability to share patient information accurately in real time translates to patients receiving superior care.  In leveraging the power of our application suite, patient information that at one time had to be gathered, called in, documented, and faxed to the receiving facility can now be shared in real time with the click of a button.  Cguros believes that healthcare professionals time is valuable, Stratus streamlines the workflow for requesting patient pre-certifications & communicating accurate electronic medical orders, ultimately empowering multiple providers to collaborate simultaneously.

Patients Check In & Confirm Profile Prior To Appointment

UnBoxing Stratus Value

Anything but “Just Another Practice Management Solution” we have designed Stratus to be intuitive, designed around real world users, Cguros management team consist of physicians that have experienced the pain points first hand.  Cguros recognizes design defines the user experience, design is so much more than how something appears, its the way something works on a variety of levels.  Cguros’ secret to successful design begins by obtaining a full, in depth understanding of real world user workflow.

Why Stratus?

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All Cguros applications are designed around the idea of “Managing Patients Different”, our team of interface designers & software architects completes extensive due diligence prior to developing each new feature to confirm its something our users are asking for and ultimately something we’ll be successful implementing.  While we aim to design each application to be self-explanatory, requiring no formal training we recognize some users will have questions, user tutorials bring some of the many features within to light.

User Tutorials
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