Stratus Leverages Text Messages To Maintain Patient Health Information Profile

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As if Stratus could become any more convenient .. well, it just did.  Now healthcare provider are able to ask the patient to confirm the accuracy of the patient profile, prior to the patient appointment time slot.

Once the patient shows up for their appointment you as the healthcare professional have already been notified within Stratus that the patient has both viewed and made any updates to data fields like patient address, phone number, email address etc .. in an effort to bring them current.

Why Does It Matter?

What does this mean to the healthcare provider?  Simply, we believe our technology translates into returning valuable time to the healthcare provider.  Which means, those same providers are able to focus on the patient care rather than confirm “John, has your address changed since you last came in for your annual checkup”.

What does this mean for the patient referral network?  Confirming the accuracy of all Patient Health Information (PHI) makes it possible for each provider using Stratus to always work from the most current up to date information, which translates to more effective, accurate medical orders.

How Does It Work:

Simply the patient receives an email and or text message with an unique URL that allows them to claim their patient profile, and confirm that each data field is current prior to an upcoming appointment.

Is The Technology Efficient & Secure?

In a word, absolutely, when Stratus invites a user to update patient information we publish a unique ULR for that patient, for that instance, tied to a session code that allows the patient to confirm their information but significantly restricts a fraudulent third party from being able to ping the application URL.

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