Specialty Health Network, Bridge Medical Group & Cguros Partnership

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Cguros is pleased to announce an integral partnership with Bridge Medical Group and Specialty Health Network (SHN).  Cguros’ role will stem from our experience in back-end cloud based architecture, streamlining the movement of patients as local providers, collaborate in real time via our flagship product, Stratus.  Our suite of modules work in unison, enabling healthcare providers to share electronic medical orders instantly, therefore elevating the current practices for managing patient referral and precertification authorizations.


Jumpstarting The Network

The culmination of what is currently 110 local providers have agreed to take on the role of initial adopters, thus forming the preliminary footprint of Specialty Health Network, all initially housed within the Dallas, Texas area.

The team at Cguros is committed to fully leveraging our platform to its extent as we work hand in hand with Specialty Health Network and Bridge Medical Group to scale across the Dallas Metroplex area integrating Stratus.  A solution recently called “revolutionary, collaborative… a modern cost cutting solution, benefiting the patient, provider and payer simultaneously” by local news media.

Cguros founder & CEO Andrew Forster, has been quoted as saying “I share the excitement our directors have for an expansive future paired with SHN.”  Specialty Health Network and Cguros are systematically initially focusing network development efforts in the Dallas metropolitan area and growing organically, as we attain forecasted milestones and reach significant market penetration.

Network growth is to be overseen by an experienced a diversified team forming the board of directors at SHN, our aim is to grow the value of the network, systematically aligning with specialty and ancillary providers as opportunities present themselves.


While Cguros model has been to make some level of customization available for clients we’ve chosen to make a significant investment, as it relates to SHN, with the goal of producing the most ideal patient exchange platform.  In an effort to accomplish our vision and shared common interest with Specialty Health Network & Bridge Medical Group, we’ve taken the plunge as it relates to onboarding & development.  We believe in and share the objectives of our new partner firm, in leveraging Stratus by Cguros we’re confident providers will experience cost savings while significantly streamlining patient referral logistics.

At face value Stratus by Cguros is often viewed as a patient referral and pre-certification solution however, truly only defining a portion of the value delivered, both patient tracking and reporting have been improved, as well as out collaborative scheduling solution largely to meet the needs for the future of Specialty Health Network.

SHN will act as “boots on the ground” proving to be a valuable local presence, delivering the experience, and professional connections required to make the network a large scale success.  Select providers will also be invited to join the ranks of fellow physicians apart of Bridge Medical Group, acting as a very elite tier of platinum level health care practices.

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