SmartChoiceMD Partners With Cguros Providing Concierge Patient Provider Pairing

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The partnership with SmartChoiceMD is one the team at Cguros is particularly excited to announce.  We see a number of synergies and expect the relationship to be rather long term and significant in nature, every day patients flock to the SmartChoice website, in search of care facilitated by trustworthy, local, pre-screened physicians.  

Cguros aims to complement SmartChoiceMD patient facing service by leveraging our patient referral platform; Stratus to facilitate the outbound patient referral process, acting as the connective tissue between the provider and the forward facing SmartChoiceMD patient search tool.  

Disrupting the space, by simply putting the patient first, SmartChoiceMD recognizes patients are on the move, with the desire for a streamlined concierge service to facilitate finding and scheduling appointments with the most reputable local physicians.  

Stratus brings patient referral software  to SmartChoiceMDSmartChoice has been successful in attaining meaningful patient conversion rates via a user friendly website; resulting in the acquisition of new patient leads daily.  The typically patient comes to SmartChoice via phone, tablet, or web to complete a questionnaire including patient name, phone number, insurance provider, and type of healthcare provider needed (OBGYN for example) as you would expect, SmartChoiceMD takes care of the rest.

As a patient, why try to guess at determining “Is this the doctor I need?!” Simply visit SmartChoiceMD, leave your contact information and SmartChoice will give you the patient a call to confirm your insurance type, and relay a reccomendation for a specific local physician best suited to render care locally.

As a physician, SmartChoice returns your staffs focus to patient care rather than being plagued by mundane administrative tasks, every patient referral is fully vetted, all referrals are communicated via electronic order with full declaration of patient benefits included.  There’s not a physician out there that doesn’t want to add additional patients to the number of lives their practice manages, subsequently elevating the bottom line, SmartChoice and Cguros together can help!

As a result of the partnership, all current Stratus users will have the opportunity to opt into having a SmartChoiceMD profile build to represent each licensed physician and complement any existing marketing efforts. In addition, both current and future SmartChoiceMD physicians will be extended full access to Stratus, instantly gaining the ability to colaborate in real time with other physician members privy to networks in both the Texas and Florida markets.  

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