Application Level Security
Protocol Throughout The Code's Life-Cycle To Prevent Gaps In The Security Policy; SSL Military Level Encryption, All Patient Files Are Instantly Stored To The Cloud Indefinitely Accessible
Share patients Referrals Instantly
Make & Receive Complete, Legal Patient Referrals With Pre-Certifications Status, Despite The Referral Location Being Across Town Or The Opposite End Of The Country.
Real Time Collaboration
Patient Referral Network Promotes Instant Collaboration Between Providers, Reducing Facility Level Cost, & As A Result Patient Care Is Elevated
Patient Referral Management

The Patient Referral Network leverages the power of the Cguros cloud enabling the real time exchange of patient medical orders, in a manner similar to a social network.  Healthcare professionals are no longer tethered to the phone/fax machine attempting to interpret, translate & communicate ePHI.  Regardless of the size, location, or speciality; accurate & all inclusive medical orders can now be shared, ultimately resulting in elevated patient care, and decreased claims denials.


best patient referral network pre-certification
Eliminate Incomplete orders
cpoe computerized physician order entry
Dramatically Reduce Cost

Cguros is built with the vision of lowering healthcare cost for all. Because without question, medical costs today are artificially high. By integrating Cguros suite of patient pre-certification tools, we enable facilities nationwide to reclaim lost revenue, & collect quickly on all performed procedures.

  • Hospitals average recovery rate – 10.3%
  • Facility average recovery rate – 17.8%
  • 75+ million people in the US don’t have medial coverage – critical to differentiate

As being able to fully collect on procedures becomes increasingly illusive, regardless of the pre-certification technology your practice chooses to adopt, it’s critical to be efficient. The PRN enables real time patient order communication, all stemming from a cloud-based solution promoting collaboration between providers. Cguros has created the Patient Referral Network to simplify the process of referring patients between providers, regardless of location, or background technologies, greatly improving both patient care, along with the bottom line cost savings.





In the final step, the Patient Referral Network (PRN) comes full circle, with large facilities at the middle of the network – experiencing a substantial increase in the number of performed procedures, referrals received, & a substantial reduction in claim denials. Cguros links providers, payers, & patients together in a platform that mirrors many of today’s social networks, promoting communication between facilities once operating in the dark. As each additional provider accepts an invite to join Cguros’ CPOE solution, the footprint of our cloud becomes exponentially compounded & the value for the community of providers as a whole increases offering additional referral locations.

  • New Patient

    Patient Visits Provider - Who Determined The Patient Needs Supplamental Care

  • Create Order

    Healthcare Professionals Use Our CPOE Cloud Based App To Create An Order

  • Share Order

    Staff Is Now Able To Communicate All Inclusive Electronic Order Via The Cloud

  • Patient Care

    Patients Are In Touch With Cost Expectations & Patient Care Increases

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