Manage & Schedule Patient Transportation via CareKinetics Software Solution.

 In Partnerships, Product Update

The Cguros team is excited to announce our new product; CareKinetics when deployed we actively schedule and manages all patient transportation request regardless of location or transport method.  Cguros remains focused and dedicated to the pursuit of “Managing Patients Differently” as we move into 2015.  

The Cguros promise comes with the obligation to continually develop complementary products.  These products, when spliced into our suite of cloud based technologies, deliver solutions that are truly commercial grade, ready to deploy for any segment of the healthcare industry.

CareKinetics’ roots stem from a long term care environment; but continue to grow as the ideal, bilateral patient transportation solution.  The platform is simple in nature; once logged in, simply relay a transportation request, to any location, and we take care of the rest.  Think Uber for for the healthcare space.  Within sixty seconds the burden of scheduling and communicating multiple transport appointments is simply handed off; users will even receive scheduling conformation soon to follow.

CareKinetics adds value to the long term care (LTC) market through the immediate scheduling of patient transportation & when called for, we’re even able to invite a Care Companion team member along for the ride.  In leveraging our cloud environment all parties work from a single record and collaborate in real time, eliminating waste. 

The float between profitability and liability as it relates to the transportation segment of any long term care facility pro-forma stems from how efficiently transportation is scheduled and facilitated.  The Cguros team has architected CareKinetics from real world experiences; as a result, full integration takes just minutes for the average long term care facility (130 beds).  As reimbursement rates remain a center stage focus for most facilities, retaining constant perspective as to the health of the bottom line is critical, CareKinetics eliminates risk for the LTC facility. 

Potential Hospital users will find value in adopting CareKinetics to control patient re-admittance.  Imagine a scenario in which as a Hospital you gain the transparency to know without hesitation that each and every patient leaving your care with any number of follow up appointments is not only aware, but is scheduled, and attends each appointment.  Providing you as a facility with the big data to abandon the forced nature of guessing why patients choose not to make follow up appointments a priory often times resulting in facility re-admittance.

CareKinetics tracks each patient via our proprietary set of milestones, regardless of lead time, during each step of the workflow users are informed as to transportation status, location, and ultimately able to maintain control over each elements, assuring long term profitability.

CareKinetics piggy backs on Stratus (our flagship product) base network, so the same patient profiles are accessible via CareKinetics, simply draft a transportation request for a given patient, and we’ll schedule the rest.  

We view patient transportation to be a rather significant obstacle. In an effort to best understand the space and deliver the most viable solution possible, the team at Cguros has partnered with a well-established transportation logistics company headquartered out of Baltimore MD.  

To gain real world user perspective, we’re currently pursuing a discovery, based relationship with ten long-term care facilities on the East Coast, assuring CareKinetics not only works on a white board but also in practical use environment.  Fortunately, following the conception of our recent partnership we have seen notable demand for the solution.  A management group overseeing more than 26,000 beds has taken notice, and CareKinetics has answered the call, we expect to have a commercial grade deployable holistic solution by the end of Q1- 2015.

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