How to Collectively Network Independent Physician Association (IPA) Providers with Patient Referral Software

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Stratus by Cguros empowers the independent physician to forgo many of the traditional administrative responsibilities plaguing todays healthcare environment.  The same tasks that create undo hardship on the physician’s behalf, tasks his/her office can’t successfully bill for, things like attaining declaration of benefits, patient pre-certification status, communicating with other local independent physicians etc ..

Stratus has the ability to align and integrate independent physicians in any given market via a proprietary patient care and referral platform to improve quality of care and patient experience.  Reduce the administrative cost experienced by independent practices primarily surrounding the interaction with insurance companies.   We promote independent physicians within their communities via our proprietary physician directory.  In addition, we help physicians promote and complete Medicare wellness screens and general wellness education thus improving patient quality of life.

So we ask, why settle for the corporatization of medicine?  Cguros networks independent physicians, allowing them to remain independent, resulting in superior care, at significantly less cost to the patient, provider and payer.

The percentage of doctors who are independent has dropped from 57% in the year 2000 to 36% in 2013.   -Accenture

With Stratus any Independent physician association can effectively network each and every member, regardless of geolocation with a solution that fully integrates into any office from the single doctor independent physician to large imaging/ortho groups with hundreds of employees.  No, we’re not proposing “Yet Another Tech Layer” Cguros comes to the table prepared, with a suite of industry proven products which allow us to leverage standalone browser-based solutions, HL7 or custom API integrations via Comeleon into any Practice Management, Electronic Health Record, or Revenue Cycle Management Solution on the market today.

Imagine a scenario in which the independent physician population becomes empowered, allowing each IPA member to collaborate in real-time, to share legal medical orders, accompanied by those all to frequently absent post procedure results.

Stratus returns significant administrative cost to the physician, referral coordinators are able to build and communicate orders with full declaration of benefits, patient pre-certification status in a matter of 30 seconds rather than being forced to spend hours on hold attempting to negotiate the all to familiar phone tree only to find the payer rep refuses to cooperate.

In conclusion, Cguros encourages the Independent Physician to remain independent due largely to cost savings brought about by a significant leap in physician, physician collaboration and general interoperability.

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