Scheduling Portal


Patient Scheduling Interface

The Scheduling Interface Allows Users To Manage Patients At A Glance

  • By default users view the Scheduling Module from the Inbound perspectivenotice the drop down – used to edit the current view, between inbound and outbound
    • Inbound orders” are patients referred to your facility, AKA the healthcare facility you work at
    • The “Outgoing View” is very similar, the only difference being that users are able to monitor patients their home facility has referred out to other facilities all in an effort to stay abreast of patient progress
    • Notice in the first column you will find a number of patient names enabling the user to select a patient at a glance
      • For Further Action:
        • Selecting a patient followed by the button labeled “View Orders” enables the user to see all orders for that patient
        • Selecting a patient followed by the button labeled “New Order” empowers the user to begin building a new order for that patient
        • Selecting a patient followed by the button labeled “Edit Patient” allows the user to edit any profile information for the user
    • Please take note of an additional drop down, labels “Status
      • By selecting “Rejected” the users is able to view any patients refereed in error, possibly the incorrect specialty or simply the provider was not able to accept the patient
      • By choosing “Closed” users are able to see all closed orders
    • Within the menu users also have the opportunity to select specific dates to narrow down the search parameters in the event a particular patient is of interest
    • Choosing an oder followed by “Export PDF” will automatically force a notification to appear in the upper right corner of the screen housing a link within it, allowing the user to open a new tab within in browser populated by a downloadable copy of the patient order/ pre-certification.

Patient Status Key

  • Pending:  Patients cert request have been transmitted to Cguros, and is currently being processed, patient won’t be pending for long
  • Conditional: Patients that have been denied for the procedure the members doctor felt required, but check the order notes, its possible the pre-certification requires a peer to peer review, or maybe the payor has suggested a slightly different procedure
  • Approved: Congratulations, patient have been approved, pre-certification & all relevant documentation can be found within the order
  • Denied: Patient has been denied, check oder notes, pre-certifications can be denied for a number of reasons – notes always provide clarification
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