Searching For A Patient


Searching For A Patient Profile

search for a patient - complete prior authorization

    • Searching For A Patient Profile can be accomplished by submitting a number of unique identifiers for that patient, once patient information has been entered please click “Search
      • Patient email address and phone number are likely identifiers that will render search results the quickest, however many times patients will forget the email address or phone number within their profile, or possibly even share email accounts with a spouse
      • Cguros recommends using the patients full name accompanied by their DOB or SSN to return the most accurate and finite results.
        • DOB Data Field: Automatically normalizes user input, ( 09.25.1975  |  09-25-1975  |  09/25/1975 ) will all work to render the same patient.
        • Stratus prefers patients include the entire (nine digit) SSN however in the event some portion of patients refuses, searching with the last four digits will return accurate results as well.
    • In the event your search is Successful, the user will be able to …
      • Build a new order for the patient by selecting “Show Orders” followed by “New Orders
      • Edit the patient profile by selecting “Edit Patient
      • Or, view all active orders for the patient, by selecting “Show Orders
    • In some cases you’ll find searching for the patient profile to be Unsuccessful, reason being, the patient has yet to be entered within Stratus, the next step becomes adding that patient, this can be done by selecting “New Patient” button, located just above the search fields.

NOTE:  The underlying goal is simply to maintain a single record for each patient; making it critical to search for each patient prior to adding any new patients.

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