Flagged Patients


Flagged Patients

Flagged Patients Need Immediate Action!

Stratus has integrated a Flagged Patient early warning system, we fully grasp the trials of communicating accurate computerized orders, our goal is to get each order to the appropriate destination as fast as possible.  Rather than being forced to play phone tag with other healthcare professionals all relevant parties to a particular order work from the same record.  Stratus works in the background to notify all privileged individuals in real time, as to the patients current pre-certification status along with any order notes that may keep an order from being approved or interpreted accurately.

    • Notice the Flagged Icon alert-circle-notification visible from the patient pipeline, working to notify the user at a glance of patients in need of immediate attention
      • A patient pre-certification request can be flagged for a number of reason, insufficient, or inaccurate information from the referral facility, the receiving facility might also flag an order in an effort to notify the referring facility a portion of the order are unclear, or missing
      • In selecting the patient that has been flagged, users will be able to view the reason the order was flagged (really for any number of reasons) and take the appropriate action to clear up any confusion.
        • Once the concern has been resolved, by simply selecting the button “Remove Flag” all parties will be notified appropriately
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