Edit Patient Profile


Edit Patient Profile 

Controlling denials starts with maintaining accurate patient profile for all users to work form.  Remember to always take a quick glance at patients profile before submitting any new orders, verifying all fields are accurate and kept current.

    1. Use the search functionality to locate the patient profile your interested in (Search Tutorial also Available)
    2. Click on the patient profile in the search results you intended to originally locate
    3. Then, click “Edit Patient” – found just above the search fields
    4. This allows the user to confirm that all patient information is up to date, in the event patient information need to be changed the user is able to do so by clicking within the text box and simply deleting current profile information
    5. Once the patient profile has been determined as current save your changes by clicking “Save

Keep In Mind:

    • Facilities benefit in always documenting patient cell phone number, & email address as primary forms of contact, this enables Stratus to notify patient of upcoming appointments
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