Department Administrative Settings


Managing Departments Within A Facility

Administrators have full control over all facilities, we recognize each client footprint to be somewhat unique, as a result each client’s facilities can be broken down into a number of subsection.  All done in an effort to maintain security and HIPAA policy as they relate to permission levels for each individual user.

    • Account: Likely a large all in encompassing healthcare group
    • Facilities: An actual brick and mortar location within that group
    • Department: A sub level of the facility (Ex. Lung Cancer Department)

Edit Department Settings:

    1. Select “Administration” from the dashboard
      1. By selecting “New” facility administrators are able add facilities that form the footprint of their Account
      2. Administrators are also able to edit departments by selecting the appropriate “Department” (by clicking on it) then selecting “Manage” (from the above menu) which allows the user to add, edit, and delete departments that form that facility as needed
      3. To Delete a department simply select that line item, followed by clicking “Delete
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