Facility Administrative Settings


Administrator Facility Settings

Administrators have full control over all facilities, we recognize each client geographical layout is somewhat unique, as a result each client’s footprint can be broken down to each subsection.

Likely a large all in encompassing healthcare group
An actual brick and mortar location within that group
A sub level of the facility (Ex. Lung Cancer Department)

To Configure Facility Settings:

    1. Select “Administration” from the dashboard
      1. By selecting “New” facility administrators are able add facilities that form the footprint of their Account
      2. Administrators are also able to edit departments by selecting the appropriate “Department” (by clicking on it) then selecting “Manage” (from the above menu) which allows the user to add, edit, and delete departments that form that facility as needed
      3. To Delete a department simply select that line item, followed by clicking “Delete

Templates Builder

Administrative level users are able to alter any one of the notifications used to communicate updates with facility staff or with patient in regards to appointment times

Scheduling Email Template
Scheduling Text Message Template
New Account User Welcome Email Template
Scheduling Changes Email Template
Scheduling Changes Text Message Template
Nurse or PA Assigned To A Physician Email Template

Message Content

By making a selection from any of the canned data fields (available via the drop down) users are able to build and communicate personal messages that include the patients name, and appointment location for example.

Patient Name
Patient Email Address
Patient Cell Phone Number
Patient Home Phone Number
Patient Full Name
Physicians Name
Patient Preferred Contact
Facility Name
Schedule Start Time
Schedule End Time
Schedule Location
Schedule Confirmation Code
Facility Name
Facility Department
Facility Address Line 1
Facility City, Zip, State

Frequency Settings

Immediately upon scheduling the patient for an appointment a text/email message is delivered to the patients mobile device, ultimately working to limit no show appointments.  The team at Cguros recommends sending an additional notification about 3 days out, allowing the patient to save the event to their personal calendar.

Day Of Appointment
3 Days Out From Appointment
6 Days Out From Appointment
1 Day Out From Appointment
4 Days Out From Appointment
7 Days Out From Appointment
2 Days Out From Appointment
5 Days Out From Appointment
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