Adding A New Patient


Adding New Patient

Adding New Patients Profile Information Propagates The Value & Footprint Of  Network For All Providers

Before Adding A New Patient:

  • Users need to determine the patient profile does not exist, accomplished by Searching for the patient (see instructions below)

Searching For A Patient

      • Searching For A Patient Profile can be accomplished by submitting a number of unique identifiers for that patient, (within the “Search” module) once patient information has been entered click “Search
      • In the event your search is Successful, in locating the patient profile your looking for, move forward by adding an additional order to the active patient profile (there is no need to add the patient twice)
        • In the event patient information has changed since the patients last visit the “Edit Patient” button, allows users the ability to bring records current.
      • In the event your Unsuccessful in searching for a particular patient your looking for, the next step becomes adding a new patient
  • Adding a new patient profile can be accomplished by clicking the “New Patient” button found just above the same search fields uses to originally search for the patient.
  • Once current patient information has been entered select “Save” to store the patient profile

Patient Address:

Please fill in all data fields for the patient address then select “Save

Patient Insurance Provider Information:

  • Please fill in all data fields for the patient insurance information then select “Save
  • In the event the patient has more than one insurance company, please select the button from the menu titled “Add New Insurance” and document any coinsurances options
  • Please remember to “Delete” (via the “X” in the upper right hand corner of the tab) any outdated insurance records for the patient – as this insures Cguros is able to retrieve a pre-certification status.

Adding A New Insurance Company:

Once general patient information has been entered – user then have opportunity to add additional specifics to the patient profile, such as patients insurance provider, any Co-Insurer and Patient address.

  • Simple start typing the payers full name, within the text box instantly the insurance payers will appear.

However, in some cases if your unable to find the insurance provider your looking for, you’ll need to add a new option altogether

  • To add a new insurance provider for that patient, simply select the icon to the right of the text field, at which point a pop up window will appear and allow the user to add a new provider.

Patient referral & pre-certification

  • At this point moving forward not only will the selected insurance provider remain within the patients profile, but Cguros will continue to work in the background to maintain the selected payer profile.  Allowing every user to then select that payer as needed in the future.

Keep In Mind:

  • Facilities benefit in always documenting patient cell phone number, & email address as primary forms of contact – which enables patient notifications.
  • Controlling denials starts with maintaining accurate patient profile for all users to work form.  Remember to always take a quick glance at patients profile before submitting any order, to verify all fields are current.


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