Reporting Analytics


Actionable Reporting Metrics

After all, you cant fix what your not aware of, the Cguros team strives to be able to provide clarity, in illuminating where referrals are currently coming from, and what percentage is approved vs denied we enable providers with the ability to make informed decisions in regards to the direction of their practice.  Ultimately elevating the bottom line, and reducing healthcare cost for all.


Pre-certification Report

number of patient precerts, build in reporting

Users are able to query the cloud, returning quantified results as to the number of pre-certifications or referrals requested, coupled with an accurate ratio of approved to denied procedures, ultimately promoting transparence.


Insurance Provider Analytics

pre-certification reporting insurance approval denial claims

Clear, vibrant analytics bring clarity to once elusive operating margins, being knowledgeable when it come to recognizing payers that your practice frequently struggles to receive a reimbursement from allows your practice to stay in touch with the bottom line.


Referring Facility Reporting

referring physician pre-certification report  facility

By leveraging the cloud, Stratus is able to provide real time actionable metrics, facilities are able to monitor who referred patients, overlaid with the current status of all patients  (i.e. – approved & denied).  Remember all reports are exportable.

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