Declaration of Patient Insurance Benefits In-Network vs. Out-Network Specific Payer

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With patient retention & patient acquisition at the forefront of every physicians agenda Cguros has responded with the addition of an insurance benefits analysis tool, our team is confident each users will deem the feature as invaluable and become a resource they frequent.

Starting March 2015 both current and any future Stratus users will notice the option to request a full declaration of patient insurance benefits for both “In Network” and “Out of Network” healthcare facilities.  Allowing physicians and supporting healthcare professionals to request a full declaration of patient insurance benefits as it relates to an individual practice with a single click from the patient profile, patient pipeline, or within any active electronic medical order.

Why the Physician Cares:

As a Physician you’re only able to bill and therefore hope to collect on a patient you had a hand in rendering care on behalf of.  Being informed and knowledgeable as to “In Network” vs. “Out of Network” cost for a specific procedure is critical.  We find sharing insurance cost with the patient to oftentimes be instrumental in patient retention.  With the underlying goal of being the physician that ultimately renders patient care,  informing the patient as to the additional cost layer often found in selecting an out of network provider allows the patient to make the right choice individually while still in your office.

In vs. Out of Network insurance benefits fields:
  • Co-Pay:
  • Max OOP
  • Remaining OOP:
  • Deductible:
  • Remaining Deductible:
  • Eligibility Date:
  • Eligibility Expiration:
  • Lifetime Maximum:
  • Max DME Benefits:
  • Coverage: Ins __% Patient __%
  • Are We In Network:
The Future of Patient Referral Exchange:

Imagine as a specialist in adopting Stratus, not only does every inbound referral appear as a legal electronic medical order to your practice populate via a monogamous portal but each patient referral shows up in the patient pipeline with a current decoration of insurance benefits along with any necessary patient pre-certifications prior to even scheduling the patient appointment.

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