Cguros Partners with Sandhills Physician Inc. in Fayetteville, NC

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Cguros & Sandhills Physician Inc. are teaming up to celebrate their new partnership in Fayetteville NC!

  • Sandhills Physician Inc. is the culmination of 800+ providers termed a IPA, all located in the Fayetteville NC area. Specializing in treating patients who have various orthopedic or neurological conditions that cause physical impairments or pain.  The medical practices that make up Sandhills share a common goal, the desire to help individuals become more active with an improved quality of life.
  • Cguros offers a software suite for Healthcare facilities of varying sizes, our goal is to eliminate much of the extraneous cost within the healthcare space today.  We allow healthcare professionals to return their focus to patient care, rather than completing mundane, often routine office task.
    • We work seamlessly in the background to dramatically reduces denials and increase the number of referrals any healthcare facility receives, essentially normalizing the logistics around competing patient referrals elevating collection rate on performed procedures.
  • More than ever, today’s healthcare facilities need to be kept informed as to the coordination of benefits limits for every patient. In bringing fiscal knowledge to healthcare facilities, hospitals are able to get back to serving the community rather than being overrun by bad debt.
  • Cguros Three Services:
    • Stratus Revenue Cycle Management: enables facilities to mitigate extraneous debt, but communicating inclusive patient profiles coupled with accurate pre-certified status, accompanied by real time provider provider collaboration
    • Patient Referral Network: leverages the power of the Cguros cloud, enabling the real time exchange of patient medical orders. All-inclusive medical orders can now be shared, ultimately resulting in elevated patient care, and decreased claims denials.
    • Comeleon: Our EHR solution makes it possible for Electronic Health Records to leverage their robust architecture, and capitalize; instantly enabling users to share patient referrals, accompanied by insurance pre-certifications, all within an accurate all inclusive legal medical order.

Cguros is excited for the new partnership with Sandhills Physician Inc.

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