Patient Referral & Pre-certification Software Solution

By adopting Cguros; facilities elevate patient care, healthcare professionals become empowered, communicating referral instantly via the PRN.  While simultaneously improving real time, provider to provider collaboration.  All from within an inclusive, legal, electronic medical order.  Choosing to leverage Cguros; cloud based revenue cycle management software, is electing to eliminating the inefficiencies plaguing your healthcare facility, ultimately resulting in decreased administrative cost.

Patient pre-certification referral software solution


Build & Share Medical Orders With Pre-certifications

Dramatically improving the collaboration between physicians, share patient referrals in real time.  All-inclusive orders built around a patient pre-certification, the Part B to any referral.  No longer a need to spend hours on the phone with Payers.

  • Increase Communication & Cost Transparency With Patients
  • Dramatically Reduce Claims Denials
  • Share Patient Information Via Online – Electronic Orders
  • Forgo Administrative Task To Focus On Patient Care

share patient precertifications in real time ePA


Communicate Patient Transportation Request Instantly

The float between profitability and liability as it relates to the transportation segment of any long term care facility pro-forma stems from how efficiently transportation is scheduled and facilitated.  CareKinetics removes risk for any LTC facility assuring long term solvency by leveraging cloud architecture.

  • Instantly Request Patient Transportation To Any Location
  • No One Should Be Alone, We’ll Schedule A Care Companion
  • Regardless Of Method Van, Wheelchair, or Ambulance
  • Physicians Receive A Legal Order Including Patient Pre-certification


Share Patient Referrals In Real Time Between Providers

Built to simulate many of today’s social networks, the PRN is designed to streamline the exchange of patient referrals, leveraging the power of our cloud based application in real time patient medical orders can be shared in confidence.

  • Communicate Electronic Patient Orders, Regardless Of Location
  • Increase Market Awareness For Your Facility
  • Forgo Interpreting Fax Machine Print Outs For Clean, Complete Orders
  • Real Time Chat Between Referral Facility & Receiving Facility
best patient referral software, pre-certification

patient pre-certification, pre-authorization platform


EHR’s Integrate Pre-certification Technology – Instantly 

Comeleon is Cguros answer for the EMR market place, designed to erase the need for todays EMR’s to produce their own precert methodology. Comeleon enables EMR’s to instantly increase their product suite with the use of our proprietary API.

  • Fully Integrate Within A Matter Of Hours
  • Offer Your Clients A Commercial Grade Features CPOE, ePA
  • At Zero Cost – Implement Patient Pre-certification App
  • EMR – Retain Brand Control Within Comeleon
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